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  1. Recipe # 26: red bread salad


    Suzy looked in need of a good feed

    Like Suspiria this salad is a twisted Italian classic. It’s a version of the bread salad Panzanella which was designed to use up day old bread and usually features tomatoes and a vinegar dressing. Argento used out of date Technicolour to make his masterpiece which just goes to show that just cause things get a bit old, doesn’t mean they can’t be seriously stunning. I also got some of the original recipe for this salad from Grazia magazine (I know!) and if they’re not a coven of evil witches I don’t know who is. Besides everyone knows women’s magazines are the devil.

    Redrum red yum!

    1. Core and chop 2 large red peppers into segments. Toss with a little olive oil and roast in a medium oven.

    2. Make the dressing with:

    -1 tsp chopped anchovies (sorry, but this salad is bloody by nature - try extra capers if you’re a vego)

    -1 tsp chopped capers

    -I large clove chopped garlic

    -xtra virgin olive oil (about 50 ml)

    -red wine vinegar to taste. Shake and leave to sit

    3. When the peppers are about half done add a punnet of cherry tomatoes to the roasting pan, some diced haloumi (make sure it’s a good brand that will keep its shape) and some diced day old bread - about equal proportion to your peppers. Toss well in the olive oil and continue to roast.

    4. You need to toss it occasionally and keep an eye on it to make sure the bread doesn’t burn.  Prob 15-20 minutes. The bread will cook first so take it out when it’s nicely crisp.

    5. Once everything is cooked, toss through the dressing, and add some shredded fresh basil leaves